This page gives a few facts about some of David's fellow experts, including their thoughts on David!

Charles Hanson

Charles Hanson MRICS holding antique vase

Place of birth;         Derbyshire.

Birthday;                 29th May (Gemini).

Car;                           Mercedes Estate.

First job;               

I worked at Christie's for a year before moving on to a firm in Shrewsbury.

How did you get interested in antiques?

My interest began from a very young age, at first in history and archaeology. I enjoyed visiting National Trust properties and was in my mid teens and over school holidays a tour guide at Kedleston Hall. When I was ten I went to a local jumble sale in aid of my primary school and bought a porcelain figure for 50 pence which I later sold in an auction for £180!

 Do you collect anything?  
Yes I like to collect porcelain and glass and also antique furniture. However my house is quite small and I keep trying to battle clutter!   

What are your likes/dislikes, including for example music, books, films, sports?

I support Derby County Football club and enjoy shooting and playing golf.  I also occasionally horse ride. I enjoy dancing particularly to the old 70's tunes Abba etc! I also enjoy walking and visiting old Heritage sites including National Trust properties.

What is the one thing you could not live without?

I could not live without chocolate and my automatic car which when visiting clients and trying to read a map at the same time makes my job easier. I suppose also my gavel for which I have had from day one of auctioneering. Colleagues at Bargain Hunt have since named me 'hands on hanson'.

What do you think of David Barby?

I respect David Barby for his great wealth of information and knowledge in the field of antiques and auctioneering. More importantly he is extremely keen to share his expertise. Mr Barby is also a great friend and associate for whom we have enjoyed some enjoyable days at fairs together and also the odd meal out!

Anita Manning

Place of birth;      Glasgow.

Birthday;             1st December (Sagittarius).

Car;                       Mercedes.

First job;              Teacher.

How did you get interested in antiques?

As a child my father used to take me to the auctions. I grew to love this environment with its treasures, its excitement and its sense of theatre.

What was the most unusual lot you have sold, or the lot that realised the highest hammer price?

At a charity auction I once sold a pair of silly old football boots for £15,500.

Do you collect anything?

I collect Scottish contemporary pictures.


I hate sport, although I do like to run around our beautiful Kelvingrove Park. I enjoy reading, writing, visiting galleries and going to the theatre.

What do you think of David Barby?

David Barby is a charmer, and great fun to flirt with.

Philip Serrell


Place of birth;      Worcester.

Birthday;              27th March 1954 (Aries).


Audi TT. But I also drive Aston Martins, VW, MG, (I'm a real Petrolhead!)

First job;             PE Teacher. 

How did you get interested in antiques?

Have always enjoyed old things.

Do you collect anything?

Anything that catches my eye from simple rustic objects, to items of iconic design. Oh, and cars!


I love cricket, rugby and cars. Also films and books that entertain me, not educate me.

What do you think of David Barby?

Makes Lawrence Olivier look like Del Trotter!

Mark Stacey

Place of birth;       Neath, South Wales.

Birthday;               23rd September 1964 (Virgo).

Car;                          Skoda Fabia hatchback.

First job;                Care worker in Autistic home.

How did you get interested in antiques?

Always been interested in History and became a dealer before a valuer  and auctioneer some ten years ago.

Do you collect anything?

Do collect some Lalique and started to be interested in 50's and 60's collectables.


Obviously antiques, theatre, holidays, particularly Spain and reading.


There are so many but here are a few, BMW drivers, motorcycle riders who speed and push past you anywhere, rude people, bureaucracy, traffic lights that can always change to red when I get there, supermarket queues, my lottery numbers not coming up! etc.               

What do you think of David Barby?

I like David  very much, he was a real "Father" figure to me when I filmed my first Flog It in Ipswich and no we are not related but he is an inspiration to us all.

Tim Wonnacott

Place of birth;              North Devon.

Car;                                Mercedes Benz.

First job; 

A trainee Chartered Auctioneer in my father's auction business in Devon.

How did you get interested in antiques?

As a result of the auctions and events happening in my father's firm.

Do you collect anything;  

Anything and everything!


No real dislikes. An open mind and Catholic tastes.                       

What do you think of David Barby?

An original!

Colin Young

Place of birth;      Peterborough.

Birthday;             30th December 1967 (Capricorn).


First choice is a Triumph 900 Daytona, which I love to bits. It's big, it's red and faster than I would ever dare to ride it! But you can't get many long case clocks on a bike, so I drive a Mondeo estate. But with alloys, body kit and a good stereo!

First job;

Paper round, shovel-hand at a piggery, DIY delivery driver, engineer, porter, booking clerk, auctioneer, TV antiques expert.... Auctioneer, booking clerk, porter, paper round????

How did you get interested in antiques?

Manager's Assistant at auction rooms. At 18 I didn't know what an auction or an antique was, so I cut off my 9" orange mohican and got the job.

Do you collect anything?

Not really. I am lucky to have the pleasure of looking at some wonderful items in my day job.


In music my favourite group is AC/DC. Into Punk and Heavy Metal. Also like Eminem and Green Day. Books, The Art of the Steal by Christopher Mason, recommended to anyone interested in the antiques world. Films, I'm a James Bond fanatic. TV, cutting edge comedy and satire. Sport, supporter of Leeds United and Peterborough Panthers Speedway.       

Hate any team other than Leeds United. Bad debtors, anything or anyone that undermines the integrity of auction process.

What do you think of David Barby?

Professionally, very knowledgeable and excellent council. Personally, good friend and a fun rival on Bargain Hunt. David is actually quite competitive with a lovely sense of humour. You know when he has got one over on you by that look over the top of his glasses! TV wise, I was very pleased that he received the un-official Bargain Hunt Top Expert Award.