In 1999 the world of antiques came into our living rooms, and Bargain Hunt was born. Since then the two presenters David Dickinson and Tim Wonnacott, along with many other experts, have travelled all over Britain to entertain us.

David's team win the Golden Gavel awarded for making a profit on all four items, including the experts Bonus Buy.

Philip Serrell and James Braxton take a break inbetween filming.

David waits to reveal his Bonus Buy.

Another Golden Gavel for the collection.

In 2007 Bargain Hunt celebrated its 500th show. Two teams of experts battled it out with David and Philip Serrell verses Charles Hanson and Kate Bliss.

The victors! David and Philip with a profit of £260 against Charles and Kate who broke even.

Well done boys!

As if celebrating 500 shows was not enough, the 10th Anniversary programme was screened in 2010.

This time the '500' partners were swapped and David teamed up with Charles while Philip shopped with Kate.

David and Charles with their profit of £115, beating Philip and Kate who still made a profit of £54.

Congratulations to David and Charles.

The replacement for the Golden Gavel is a Bargain Hunt stick pin.

Contestants and their expert all get a Bargain Hunt stick pin.

January 2002 saw the start of Flog It!  and David was an expert on the first programme, it being his idea to stage the valuation day in Coventry.

The boy from Rugby plays a little rugby at the Twickenham Flog It valuation day.

Salisbury Flog It. You see the stangest things at valuation days!

David and Philip find an excuse to dress up at Derby University...

... and Kate joins in for the Birmingham Flog It.

Back to business in Lincoln.

April 2005 a new BBC programme, 20th Century Roadshow hit our TV screens, and David was one of the experts.

With everything from silver...


                                                                      a meat mincer!

With a different take on the search for antique bargains, the Antiques Road Trip started in 2010 with David and fellow experts from Bargain Hunt and Flog It, with two more series being shown in 2011.

Philip was David's first fellow Road Tripper.

That yellow jacket must have helped!!


                                            You won't shut Philip up!!        


Philip gets his own back!

On the Road again, this time with Anita.


All smiles on this Road Trip.

Road trip number three featured two David's and David H cannot believe David B has made another profit...

...but graciously applauds.

End of the Road and off to the last auction.

Don't look now Barbs, but Harper is looking for a bit of good luck!!!